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The mission statement of Heritage Christian School is to educate students by integrating academic excellence with a biblical worldview. It is a desire of Heritage Christian School (HCS) that our facilities and equipment be made available to other Christian organizations and groups to bring honor and glory to God. As a tool to reach the lost, the facilities may be available to the community at large if the event falls within the guidelines of this document and does not oppose principles in God’s Word. Rates and fees shall be used as a vehicle by which the user of our facilities can share in the costs related to such use.


Priorities for facility and equipment use will show preference to those persons or groups whose stated purpose are in line with mission of Heritage Christian School. Priority of use shall be granted in the following order:
a) Heritage Christian School programs and activities.
b) Requests by staff and board members of Heritage Christian School.
c) Requests by Christian churches.
d) Requests by the Christian community.
e) Requests by the public at large.


A request for facility or equipment use is made by contacting the school office and completing a Facility Rental Request form. The co-administrators will decide to grant or decline the request according to the policies and procedures of the school and the availability of the facility and/or equipment. If the request is granted, the requesting party shall deposit a sum of half the total estimated fees for the event in cash, personal check, or cashier’s check to secure the event. Said deposit shall be credited to the final statement of fees and costs owing under this agreement provided there are no resulting damages to the facilities. HCS reserves the right to apply the deposit toward repairs for any damages that might occur to the school’s property during the user’s activity. Applicants desiring to rent the facilities for recurring events shall pay the total estimated fees for the first event and as long as each bill is paid in full at the end of each month the deposit will be applied to successive events.


Heritage Christian School will schedule approved requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Facility Usage Requests must be submitted thirty (30) days prior to the event, except for events pre-approved by a co-administrator and/or school board. Users may be required to meet with a school representative prior to the event to conduct a pre-activity walk-through and/or complete a Facility Usage Checklist at the conclusion of the event.


In the event that two or more scheduled activities conflict through overlap of date or time, or should a conflict arise due to an unforeseen school activity, a co-administrator shall resolve the conflict consistent with the priorities for use as outlined above. Should an event be canceled due to a conflict in scheduling, any monies paid as user fees or deposits shall be refunded to the requesting party. In addition, Heritage Christian School will seek to reschedule the event and/or assist the requesting party in finding a suitable alternative location.


Facility usage may be cancelled up to two (2) weeks in advance of the scheduled activity with a full refund of the deposit or as approved by a co-administrator. If the user cancels within the two weeks of the activity, the deposit will not be refunded.


Heritage Christian School maintains liability and property insurance on its facilities. However, Heritage Christian School shall not be liable to insure the user for any personal injury or property damage caused by an act or omission of either the user or their guests. Groups and individuals not associated with HCS or its ministries are required to provide their own liability insurance for events held at Heritage Christian School. User groups will be required to provide proof of liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000. Such insurance shall name Heritage Christian School as an “additional insured.” Proof of insurance shall be delivered to a co-administrator at the time of application. Heritage Christian School will not consider requests submitted without proof of insurance.


Sponsoring organizations and groups using school facilities shall provide sufficient, competent help and/or special supervision. The amount of adequate supervision shall be agreed upon at the time the Facility Usage Request is approved. The school may require an HCS representative to be on-site before, during, or after the event at the user’s expense to provide assistance as needed.


Heritage Christian School expects all users to leave the building in the same, if not better, condition than it was in prior to their use. All groups using the facilities are responsible for cleaning up after their events and leaving the facility in pre-event condition. If custodial services are necessary, the school reserves the right to use its own custodian. Fees for the custodian will be assessed at an hourly rate and added to the final bill. Exceptions to the above must be pre-approved by a co-administrator. Large groups using the facility or events that last all day or several days are prone to consume custodial supplies over and above the normal stock. For this reason, an additional charge for custodial supplies will be assessed (to be quoted on a per case basis.) Groups larger than 100 attendees or events that generate significant garbage will be assessed an additional dumpster fee.


All school items used during an event must be cleaned and returned to their original places. Items that are damaged or broken must be reported to a school representative as soon as possible. The user shall be responsible for any damages that occur during the use of the facilities and must pay for damages that occur to the building, furniture, personal property, grounds, etc. The amount of damages shall be decided by a co-administrator and the bill for such shall be presented to the group using or occupying the facility during the time the loss or damage was sustained, and/or the User’s deposit shall be withheld.


1.) User shall be responsible for storing and securing classroom items such as books, paper cutters, and other school supplies out of the reach of others.
2.) User shall restrict access of unauthorized persons to the unused portions of the building (i.e., mechanical and storage rooms, unused classrooms, etc.)
3.) User assumes all responsibility for securing and locking the facility upon departure each and every time the facility is used. If provided with keys, the user assumes the charge of re-keying locks if keys become missing or are not surrendered after the event. Keys cannot be duplicated by renter. In case of faulty locks or keys, the user will notify school personnel immediately.
4.) User uses the facility at its own risk and assumes all liability for any injury, damage, or loss which occurs while using this facility, whether incurred by the user or its guests.
5.) Fees for facility usage shall apply for the days and times listed on the Facility Usage Request only. Facility use for times other than those listed shall be charged accordingly. Fees under this agreement may be adjusted at the discretion of a co-administrator of Heritage Christian School.
6.) User shall not assign this agreement, sublet, or grant any concession or license to use the facility or any part thereof without the prior written consent of a co-administrator.
7.) User shall place garbage and refuse inside containers provided for this purpose. User is responsible for keeping the area around refuse containers free of debris. User may be required to provide basic cleaning (sweeping and vacuuming) of facility after each use.
8.) User shall occupy and use the premises in the manner in which designed and intended. User shall properly use and operate all equipment, electrical, gas, and plumbing fixtures, keeping them clean and properly maintained, and will notify a co-administrator of any damage to the premises or areas requiring maintenance or any potential hazard or danger.
9.) User shall provide snow removal for entryway and sidewalk when applicable.
10.) User shall not construct, alter, or add to the premises without prior consent of a co-administrator.
11.) User and guests shall not smoke or burn incense or other smoke perfumes such as candles on the premises. User shall not have on the premises any article or thing of a dangerous, flammable, or explosive character that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire on the premises or that might be considered hazardous by any responsible insurance company.
12.) User shall not permit the use of food and/or drink on carpeted areas of facility or on surfaces that are not easily cleanable. User is responsible for the cleanup and removal of any spills or soiling due to user or guests.
13.) Facility usage requests may be altered and/or terminated without notice at the discretion of a co-administrator and/or board of Heritage Christian School.
14.) Users shall not permit pets or other live animals (except assistance dogs) in the school building.
15.) Users shall not allow any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal drugs at any time on school grounds.
16.) Users shall not permit the use of skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, or other wheeled toys in the school building.



Gymnasium Events for groups under 100 $45 per hour
Events for groups of 100 to 249 $55 per hour
Events for groups of 250 to 499 $65 per hour
Events for groups of 500 or over $100 per hour
Locker Rooms $25 per locker room per use
Classrooms $25 per classroom per hour
Kitchen $30 per hour
Library $30 per hour
Equipment Sound System $35 per use
Stage/Sound Technician $25 per hour
LCD/TV/VCR/DVD $10 per use
Chairs $20 per set of 40
Table(s) $6 per table
Band/Choral Risers $20 per use
Fees Custodial/Security Fee $25 per use
Custodial Supplies (per group of 100) $18 per use
Custodian $30 per hour
Dumpster Fee (per group of 100) $18 per use
Lock Up Fee (HCS Employee Needed
on site to secure lockup after event)
$25 per use
Soccer Field Small Soccer Field $15 per hour
Large Soccer Field $25 per hour

*Use of Gymnasium requires tarps be in place at all times unless proper approved athletic footwear is used by all attendees. This is a mandatory requirement of Heritage Christian School Gym.