Academic Calendar – 2017-2018

August 28, 29 Teacher In-Service
August 30 First Day of School (Grades 1-12)
September 4 Labor Day (No School)
September 18 First Day of School (Kindergarten)
September 19 First Day of School (Pre-K)
October 25-27 Teacher In-Service (No School)
November 3 End of 1st Quarter
November 10 Parent-Teacher Conferences
November 22-26 Thanksgiving Break (No School)
December 23-Jan. 7 Christmas Break (No School)
January 15 Martin Luther King Day (No School)
January 19 End of 2nd Quarter
February 19 Presidents’ Day (No School)
March 12-16 Spring Break (No School)
March 29 End of 3rd Quarter
March 30 Good Friday (No School)
April 16-19 Achievement Tests
May 19 Commencement
May 25 End of 4th Quarter